Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Worthy Cause....Tide Loads of Hope

I was laying in bed lastnight, and i couldn't sleep so i was watching VH1 hoping i could finally fall asleep. As i was watching, i saw the commercial for the Tide Loads Of Hope. This is a great way to lend a helping hand without really having to do anything. For every bottle of Yellow Cap Tide you purchase, a portion of that money goes to people affected by some sort of disaster. I Would love to help out with this, but myself and my son are both Allergic to Tide, :( Which sucks. But if your like us, and have an allergy, Just hope on over to the Tide site and you can help in other ways. You can buy a Vintage Tide shirt They are 20$, and all the money you spend on those goes to Disaster relief. I belive its only 10 cents from the Yellow Cap Tide that goes to the fund. So i say this is a Worthy Cause, and everyone should try and help out. Just think about how many natural disasters happen each year, and how many people need help.

The team at Tide go around with like 32 Energy Efficient Washers and Dries and go to the areas that need help and wash, dry and Fold their laundry. This is like getting a million dollars to some of these families. When a natural disaster strikes, you never know what your going to do. Well Tide is here to help out a little by giving these families clean clothes to wear and clean sheets to sleep on and clean blankets to cover up with.

So go on over to and see if you can help out a little by buying a shirt or buying the Yellow Cap Tide.

Untill Next Time

Keep Smiling and Keep the Kidos Healthy and Happy

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