Monday, April 20, 2009

Raising A Baby On A Budget...Tips and Trics

Raising a baby isn't cheap! So i'm going to share some tricks, tips and ideas on how to raise your kido on a budge.

1. Buying in bulk never hurts. Sam's Club Memberships are like $40 for a year. And that $40 can save you hundreds of Dollars on Groceries. You can buy all your canned goods and non-parishables and stock up and save up.


2. When shopping, always take a list, and stick to the list. Search the stores website or flyer for sales and savings. Coupons are a great way to save some money.


3. Buying Generic never hurts. Its the same thing, just with a different name!


4. Diapers......Boy are they expensive. Buying them in bulk can save you a load of money. Cases are normally cheaper than the large bags. And also, do your shopping around.....Again the Generic are just as good. And don't forget to sign up for coupons and savings from your favorite diaper company! Cloth Diapers are also a money saver!!


5. Formula is super expensive. Remember that Powder is always cheaper. And to get more help if your a low income family, try applying for WIC.


6. When buying furniture for your little ones room, always buy what can grow with your kido. Convertable Cribs and Car Seats are a money saver. They go from Infant to Toddler in no time. You can always do Second Hand also! Goodwill, garage sales, craigslist, consignment shops. You can always find a deal. Just make sure to check for Recalls.


7. Coupons Coupons Coupons!!!! Find them in the flyers, online, from a friend, the sunday paper, Find them and Clip away! Just don't get Carried away! only clip for the things you normally use in the house.

clipping coupons

8. Baby clothes are expensive too. But you can always save money in this department. Second hand is Awesome!! You can swap with friends, buy second hand. Most stores have sales at the end of each season. So keep your eyes peeled for those 2.99 outfits for next year!


9. The number one big time money saver is.....Breast Feeding and making your own baby foods. Breast Feeding cuts out that 25$ a can formula. And making your own baby food is easy, all you need is a blender and some fruits and vegies and TADA Blend Away!


There are so many ways to save money and raise your kidos on a budget. And remember you can always unload all that un-needed baby stuff to a consignment shop or list it on Craigslist and Make some extra money to put in the bank.

Untill Next Time

Keep Smiling and Keep the Kidos Happy and Healthy

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