Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Go Green! Arts and Crafts

Everyone is always falling victim to those cute little chia pets for $14.99. I know they are adorable, and every kid wants the one shapped like an animal, but you don't have to spend that crazy price for them You and your kids can make your own at home, for atleast half the price and more fun.

For this Project, you will need:
-The foot of a stocking or nylon sock
-A rubber band or elastic band
-Saw Dust
-Grass Seeds
-An old yogurt cup or Snack pack Cup
-Google Eyes, Strings, Ribbons, Markers, Paints(items for the decoration of your cup)

Now this is where the fun begins. You let the kido's decorate their cups.
Fill the Toe area of your stocking or sock with the grass seed and then top it off with the saw dust and tie it off at the bottom with the rubber band or elastic band.
Place it in the cup with the grass seeds up. Your kids can add google eyes or whatever they want to the top of the sock/stocking.
Keep your cup full of water to get your grass to start growing. And in a week or two, Your kids will be excited to see that their home made Critters will start to grow green hairs! :)

You can also use some of your favorite Herbs as the hair too moms! Makes for great additives to your special dinner dishes.

At Home Chia Pets

You can always make fun arts and crafts while Recycling. For most of you Dads out there, you have your beer bottle lids laying all around in the Garage. Dosn't just toss them in the trash, save them for some fun times with the kids. They can make adorable arts and crafts with a lot of things you can recycle. One thing i came across on was the Bottle Cap Lady Bugs. They are adorable and can be a lot of fun and they are pretty easy to make too.

All you need is:
-Bottle Caps

-Red, Black and White Paint

-Paint Brushes

First you pain the entire bottle cap black. Let that dry and paint on the Red Wings leaving a black stripe between the two wings. After that dries Dip your paint brush tip into the black paint, and dot on the black dots on the wings. And with a toothpick or the tip of the paint brush, use the white paint to dot on the eyes of your lady bug.

These can be a never ending project. The kidos can give them to their friends, or attatch them onto their bookbags or add some cuteness to things around the house.

Lady Bug Bottle Cap

There are so many different ideas for crafts that will not only save you money but save the environment. The more green you are the more heathy the environment will be for your kidos down the line. And its always good to teach your kids how to recycle and how to reuse items when you can.

Untill next time

Keep Smiling and Keep the Kidos Happy and Healthy

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Economy Sucks....Make some cash off your old Baby Stuff

So i finally realized, i have to do something, since i got fired for some stupid ass reasons from the job i had. So i thought about it and i desided, Its time to make the money, one way or the other. And since i'm not a hoe(lol) i desided that it was time to part with my sons old stuff. Clothes, toys, bed, diapers, formula. Anything we dont use anymore, time to give it a shot for another family in hard times. So far, in the last 2 weeks i have made over $300 getting rid of all my sons old things by posting them on That site is a life saver. Not only was i able to unload a storage unit full of baby/kids stuff, i was also able to get rid of all my old jeans and clothes that are like 5 sizes to big for me since i started loosing weight. You should all try it. I know we can all use the money. And think about it, how much baby and kid stuff do you have just laying around, taking up space in your house or apartment? How many baby clothes do you have stacked in the top of your kids closets? Go on ladies, Show your husband that just because your a stay at home mom dosn't mean you can't bring in some cash to the house. My hubby didn't even realize things were gone untill i said something. I got a huge Fire Truck shaped toddler bed for my son, and that thing TERRIFIED him to the point that he would be in tears. I had to get rid of it. it wasn't in 100% perfect shape, but a lady handed me $75 out the door for it. Heck Yah!! And the baby clothes, ohh my! I had so many that people just gave me that i didn't put on my son, or were too small or too big. I had box apon box of kids clothes. I so far have sold the 12-18 month clothes, a garbage bag full, for 30$ and the 5T bag full for $50, and the 0-6 Month for $35. Right there is $120! That will pay the electricity bill, pay for more diapers, buy new clothes for the kidos, whatever it may be. Its a great way to open up a can of "I CAN DO ANYTHING" to show everyone that you can do something.

When you look at the Economy, you can't help but become scared, and wonder what is this world going to come to. No more expensive designer clothes, no more dinning out, no more buying un-needed items. Its time to Buckle down ladies, Go ahead and go through all of your old stuff and sell it! Make someone else in this Crap Economy a little more happy, and a little easier on them too. They are living in the same economy we are.

And Not only did help me make money, it saved me from constant trips to the Dr. with my son and my hubby! We found a kitty outside while taking out the trash, couldn't have been more than 7 or 8 weeks old, so we brought it inside. Bad Idea!! My son broke out in a rash, and my hubby started sneezing and scratching everywhere. I put the little fella up on just asking for someone to take him into their home and love him, and i had so many responses. I found little "Stitch"(my son named him) a perfect home with a few other kitty friends. He was out of the house within 24 hrs.

And don't forget ladies, anything you can't unload on there, you can always donate to someplace and they will give you a recipt that says you can deduct it when you do your taxes. All well and good there.

The next post will be about money saving ideas for the home and kidos! A way to save some money and have some fun!
Untill Next Time, Keep Smiling and Keep the kidos happy and healthy

Amazon Toy Review

So i was doing a search on the top toys for preschool age kids and google gave me and a list of the top like 20 toys! I found these talking fridge magnets. They look pretty awsome. You put the base on your Fridge, and the kidos can put each letter in the base and hear the sound it makes and also sing along with the alphabet song. The peices are chunky so that the little ones can grasp them, which in turn helps develope more fine motor skills. The base interacts with each letter, making the sound of the letter and playing a playful son to help remember the letters. I have to give this a 9 out of 10 on the Mommy List! I'll def. be picking this up for my son. Only $21.99

Fridge Phonics

One of my other favorites that they list in the top toys for Amazon is the Vtech Tote N' Go Laptop! My son just loves this. It has 30 interactive activities and is just like mommy and daddys computer! My son constantly wanted to play with my laptop, and after breaking one, i desided we should get him his own, and when we did,he was so excited. Now he sits content for atleast and hour. You Mommy's know what i mean, atleast enough time for a cup of coffee and a glance at the paper. This nifty little computer comes with the mouse, which can be used on the right or left handed kidos! When it flips shut, it has a handy little carry handle so they can tote it all over the place. Its a very durable toy, my son has steped on his, thrown it on the floor, beat it with other toys and its still kicking! Great deal.....$33.50

Monday, February 23, 2009

Caution with Childrens Meds

I myself had a scare with childrens tylonal with my son. Hes a smart little kido, and figured out how to get it out of the cabinet and open the bottle! Thank God all he did was spill it all over my carpet and didn't ingest any of it! The FDA issued a public health advisory about children's cold meds stating "questions have been raised about the safety of these products and their effectifness." And then shortly there after, they pulled all childrens tylonal multisymptom from the shelves.

I myself only give my son Childrens Motrin now. Its too easy to overdose on Acetaminophen these days. If your in a hurry, or you fogot what time you gave your child other meds or your child gets a hold of a bottle and drinks it. They can all lead to horrible things! it can cause liver and kidney problems or death. over 56,000 people end up in the emergency room each year because they don't measure their childs doseage correct. And now they are saying that tenagers that take Tylonal should be watched, because it is considered a common suicide drug. What has the world come to anymore. And now they are saying infant tylonal concentrated drops are even more deadly towards overdoses than childrens tylonal.

The signs of an acetaminophen overdose are nausea, vomiting, lethargy, and abdominal pain. if you feel that your child might have gotten to much of a dose, seek imediate medical attention. Call poison control, and get to an ER ASAP! Untreated, an acetaminophen overdose can be fatal within a few days.

Just be careful when buying your childs meds. IBUProfine is your best bet! There isn't any acetaminophen in the IBU Profine! But it dosn't mean that wrong dosages of that can't cause harm either. Always ask your childs dr. what the proper dosage is before giving it to your child.

Untill next time

Keep Smiling and Keep the Kidos Happy and Healthy

Friday, February 20, 2009

Toy Reviews

So today is going to start off on a good note! TOY REVIEWS!!! :) We all know we enjoy our kids toys just as much as they do. But i'm going to go ahead and review a few of the newest ones out there and the fun stuff. All the items below are from Learning Express Toys! Their site is great! So many educational and Fun toys. Something for everyone.

This little Lovie Blanket Giraffe is just adorable! My son has on that is a Teddy Bear and sleeps with it every night. Its perfect for dragging through the dirt, and up and down the steps! This is made of all organic material so its safe no matter what. No chemical treatments and its naturally colored. Only $14.99 Momma's! That scores and A+ in my Book!


My son loves anything that you has lots of peices and its a plus if theres a container to put them all in. He absoultly loves this Counting Cookies Jar. There are 10 cookies numbered 1-10 and each cookie has the number on the bottom. The cookie also has the number of candy peices on the top as well. This is great for your little ones that are at the age to start counting things. My son isn't at the age to count things yet but he sure does love putting the cookies back in the cookie jar. And for $16.99.....How can you resist??

Fun Times with a Little Treat

This one is absoultly the best thing ever. Family life Saver in my house. Its called the Sleep Sheep. It is an adorable little sleeping sheep that attatches to the side of your childs bed. Safely tucked away inside this little fuzzy guy is a sound box that projects nature sounds and a mommy's heart beat. This will put the entire family to sleep. I just Love it! Its the best $27.99 you will ever spend. Attatch this little baby to the side of the crib, or take it along when you are at Grammy's and choose from the 4 different sound settings, and TADA, like magic, your little one will be sound asleep and you will too!

So cute, and So Soothing

If you have been trying to teach your little one how to properly use his knife and fork at dinner, this one will help ya out! I just bought these for my son for Xmas, and they are great! They help with hand/eye cordination. They use the little wooden knife to cut apart all the foods. All the foods are split into sections and velcro holds them together and makes it easy for the little ones to chop away at them. My son loves to cut the food apart and share with everyone. The foods are made out of solid wood and are painted with non-toxic paints. Your little one will love the sounds they hear when they chop chop apart his vegies! And another plus, it comes in a little case with a see through top, so storage is easy!

Yum Yum

Keep Your Eyes peeled for more Toy Reviews and all kinds of fun stuff for the Mommy and Daddy's Living on the Edge and Experimenting with all the Fun stuff!

Untill Next Time

Keep Smiling and keep the Kidos Happy and Healthy

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Failur to Thrive.....

I know more than i ever wished to know about Failure to Thrive because my son is in that situation! he is 23.5 lbs and is 2 years old. We struggle daily to get him to try anything new we can possibly try. But his main intake of calories is still the formula, Similac Alimentum! As of late, he has been trying new things, like anything with Ketchup or Sauce on it. Myself and his dr's and Therapists all think this is odd, due to the severity of his Acid Reflux that we have been dealing with since day one. Hes on a daily dose of Previcid and Zantac to try and calm the reflux but it dosn't really do much anymore. But we all also agree that if he is willing to try it, let him have at it.
The one thing you don't want to do when your child is not gaining weight is to try and self diagnose. That never works out! Thats what Dr's get paid for. So if you have any concerns about your childs weight, height, or calorie intake, make sure you seek the advice of your childs Dr! Children for some weird reason grow slower as they age! Some parents seem to go with the old time remedy, feed them more they will gain more weight, or they will have a growth spurt and catch up. Sometimes thats not the case. In most cases, your childs height and weight are genetic from you and your partner and also nurtitional status and weather or not your child has any health issues. If you are uneasy about your childs development physically, Please consult a dr. about his/her issues. Ask them for a full evaluation of your child. They may want to go ahead and do some blood work and other testing on your child to try and figure out what the issue is! I have been through all of that with about 6-10 Dr's for my son. I can't stand to see him cry from having his arm pricked for blood but i just tell him this might figure out how to make you big and strong!
if after all of that, they still can't find an underlying cause to your childs low weight they may refer you to a Pediatric nutritionist and try and help you up the amount of calories your child takes in and help with some ways to get your child to eat a little more or experiement with new foods for more calories. My son has issues with swallowing foods, so his dr suggested we get an Occupational and Speech Therapist along with the Food Therapist, to try and help him develop his speech and learning a little better. And always remember, don't be offended if someone tells you what to try with your child or says your not doing something the correct way. They are there to help! Take their advice and run with it, you never know, it could be what changes everything.
I am a very worried and paranoid parent! I always research everything and talk to whoever i can to find out the true facts on anything they say is wrong with my son. I advise everyone to do the same. This is your childs health and well being we are talking about here, you always want to know exactly whats going on and what to do to fix it. Ask as many questions as you can and want, and address everything and research what you can before making any decisions.
I have did my fair share of research and i love Magic Foundation is a great website for information about your childs growth! You can request to talk to another parent that is having the same issues you are with your childs growth and find out all the answers to all your questions. Its worth a click.

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Keep Smiling and keep the Kidos Happy and Healthy