Wednesday, April 29, 2009 says Baby died from infection, not starvation

So i saw a Link Update on my facebook this morning and couldn't help but click the link. had posted a link about a 5 month old's death.......This just makes me sick.   Some people shouldn't be allowd to have children.  This poor little 5 month old was left in a car seat for atleast 8-9 days in a home by himself.  The parents just left him there.  It stated in the article that he died from a bacterial infection, caused by not having his diaper changed for almost 9 days.  And this poor little boy wasn't feed either.   Everyone thought he died of starvation, but it was the infection that put the little boy into a colma like state where he then died.   My question is, WHAT KIND OF PARENTS ARE YOU?!?!?!  If you bring a baby into this world, Take care of it, or give it to someone that will.  There are so many people out there that can't have children and would gladly take care of someone elses.  This sickens me to no end!  The parents of this little boy couldn't even look at the autopsy photos of their son, and tried to say they fed him and hour before he was found dead, strapped into a car seat in a snow suit.  Carseats are made for a transport your child in a CAR!!  Not to be left sitting around in.  Apparently the parents both face up to 100 yrs in prison for this.  I belive they should get more than that!  They let a child die, and had no remorse or sorrow.  Death Penalty sounds good to me.   Maybe they should both have to wear diapers and not have them changed, see how it feels.  I just don't understand how this could happen!  I just don't understand how someone could just let their child sit by themselves and not care what happens to them.  

You can read the entire article here.........BeWare, its not pretty!

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