Monday, April 13, 2009

Psych Evaluations and Neurology.... Oy Vey

I have for the last 3 months been trying to get my son an Psych Evaluation so we can have a diagnosis of what exactly is wrong with him. His dr. and his therapists all agree he may be autistic. No matter what it is, it dosn't matter to me and daddy, we will still love him and be by his side no matter what. But its sooooo hard to even get someone to schedual an appt. for him in Pittsburgh. We are on like 5 waiting lists, and waiting for like 4 other places to call us back to see if they can get him in or not. I know there are millions of children that need to have these evaluations, but seriously, there isn't one place in Pittsburgh that can schedual a dang appt?? Do i really have to be on a waiting list for 5 months?? This is crazy! I'm about to start researching other places in the surrounding states to see if i can find someplace that can get him in sooner and just fly or drive there and get it done. I want to know if there is something wrong with my little man. I'm sure there is something going on, he's 23lbs at 2.5 yrs old and he has such a bad temper and has a horrible track record with his behavior and he can't play with more than one toy at a time or he goes into his panic hand shaking act. I am currently waiting for a call back from Childrens Hospital's Child Develepment Unit, hoping that they can squeeze us in sometime soon. I know they are moving their location to a new AMAZING hopstial they just built, but just gime a call here people. i will take only like 5 minutes of your time. Damien's Dr's and Therapists have all suggest the CDU at Childrens, so i thought i would take a shot and give them a call. Well i called and i got an Answering service, and they say, i'll send them your message and someone will be in contact with you to schedual an appt. They never say, Someone will call you back today, or tomorrow, its just someone will call you. So this could also be a waiting game. I hate waiting.

The newest thing that we are trying to deal with is getting an appt. with Neurology at Childrens. Damien has started having Headaches to the point where he holds his head and cries, and cries Tears! He isn't big on crying unless something is REALLY hurting him. So i know that something is going on. When he was a baby they found an arachnoid cyst on his brain. They assured me that it was nothing to worry about and that all kids have them. Well all i know is that if i see the Neurologist and he tells me the headaches are because of the Cyst, you best bet someone is getting a lawsuit from me. I find it hard to belive that all kids have them. I'm throwing the BS flag at that dr. over and over again. I have done my research, and even if they say its Benign, it can still cause issues for your kido!

As i said before, don't ever second guess youself as a mom, you know whats best for your child. If you don't agree with what a dr. says, speak up, it never hurts to have extra tests run just for your own peace of mind. Yes it may be costly, but Is your child really comparable to Money? I don't think so!


So untill Next Time

Keep Smiling and Keep the kidos happy and healthy

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