Friday, April 10, 2009

7 Day Stomach Virus From Hell....

Sorry for the disappearance loyal readers, my son caught that horrible stomach bug where he threw up EVERYTHING for 6 days and had diarrhea too. And all us moms out there know that that will sooner or later lead to Dehydration, which is a trip to the ER for you and your kido! We actually made 3 trips to the ER with my son for this stomach bug. So everyone keep an eye on your kidos when they get sick. Being Dehydrated is a very bad thing.

Hes not a fan of the name band they put on him at the ER
Hes not a fan of the name band they put on him at the ER

He looks so sad :( I hate when my Kido is Sick!

Keep your eyes open for the signs of Dehydration:
-No tears when they are crying
-Dry Mouth and Lips
-If you lightly punch the skin on their wrist, it should go right back down, if not, they are Dehydrated.
-Little or No pee within a 6 hr period
-Very tired
-Very Thirsty
-Wrinkly Skin
And also Remember, this stomach bug is Virual, so there isn't anything they can give your kidos to get rid of it. The only thing that they could offer me for my son was Anti-nausea meds,which didn't work for him at all. Just stock your house with Pedialyte, either the drink or if your kido is big enough, the freezie pops and get them to take as much of this as possible. Yes, they may just puke it all back up, but some of it will stay in. But as a mother, you know whats best for your child, and if you feel that the fluids arn't staying enough, don't ever second guess yourself as a mom, take your child directly to the ER to get an IV and Fluids. It never hurts to be over worried, its your job as a mom. I decided to take my son to the ER when he hadn't pee'd in like 6 hours and was super pale. That is a def. sign of Dehydration.

See how Pale he is?

Thankfully, he is now starting to feel better. Still running a little temp, but atleast he is back to being able to eat without throwing it all up and hes up and moving around again. He lost 2lbs from all of this,which sucks, but he'll put it back on. I'll be posting more fun stuff here later, so keep your eyes open! :)

Untill Next Time

Keep Smiling and Keep the Kidos Healthy and Happy

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