Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Have A Sick Kiddo :(

So i havn't been posting as much as usual, because my kiddo is super sick.  At first they said it was just his sinuses.  Well i'm starting to think its something else.  We have been dealing with all this crazyness since The weekend.  He is sneezing, coughing, throwing up, not wanting to eat, laying around, barely sleeping because he keeps coughing so much, very irriatable, running a steady 103.5 temp, and it only goes down for about 5 hours with motrin then its right back up, and he isn't pooping.  They gave us an antibiotic, and then changed it again today.  Something else has to be going on.  I literally sat up all night lastnight with him propped up against me so he wouldn't cough so much so he could get a little sleep.  I took him into the dr. first thing this morning and they switched the antibiotic and said if hes not better by saturday they want to see him again.  Well i desided i'm not listening anymore.  If he keeps the coughing and puking and the high temp, i'm taking him directly to the ER, because maybe they have someone there thats a little smarter and can tell me what i should do.  The Peds could be right, but a second opinion never hurt.  

So untill then, I'll be cuddled up on the couch with him watching his favorite Movies: Bolt, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Marly and Me!  :) He loves his puppies!  

Untill Next Time
Keep Smiling and Keep the Kiddos Happy and Healthy


Anonymous said...

I hope he feels better soon.

Jocelyn said...

Aww..I hope your kiddo feels better soon.

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Congrats! :D

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Shop with Me Mama said...

Awww.. poor baby! hope he feels better soon :(