Friday, May 8, 2009

Fun with your Empty Baby Food Jars

I have so many jars of baby food in my pantry, and my son dosn't eat them.  I have offered them to a few people, but no one wants them, so i desided it was time to do something with them, why not do something Fun with them! :)  So i found these fun things to try.

One of my favorite ideas for your empty baby food jars is, turning them into little snow globes.  They are super cute, and super cheap to make and they make great gifts for the kids to give to friends and family.  

All you need is:

1. An empty Baby Food Jar
2. Glitter 
3. A little plastic Toy (you can use pictures too)
4. Water proof Glue
5. Water
6. Paint

This one is pretty simple.  Make sure you jar is nice and clean and dry.  Take the lid off of your jar and you can paint it any color.  Next you will need to get your toy of your choice.  Make sure your lid is dry from the paint.   Glue the toy of your choice to the lid with the water proof glue and let it dry.  I like to add a little glitter to the glue, just so that when it dries, you don't see any of the extra glue.  Once the glue has dried, fill your jar a little over half way with water and top it off with a sprinkle or two of any color glitter.  Now you have to carefully put the lid on the jar.  You might get a little water leaking out, but it can be cleaned up easy.  Make sure your lid is on tight and flip your jar over and TADA....... A cute little Snow Globe.

You can also use a photo in your snow globe too.  Get a picture of your choice and size it to the size of the jar your using.  Get some packing tape and cover the picture, both sides so that no water can get to the picture.  Or you could have it laminated.   Slide the picture into the jar and push it onto the wall of the jar.  Add your water and glitter and close your jar up nice and tight.  You can add a little ribbon around the lid of the jar or some jewels to the sides of the jar if you would like to perk it up a little more

Its pretty simple and the kids will love it.  

Another great idea is turning the jars into little animals.  Its fun and easy and a great time for the kidos.  

You will Need: 

1. An Empty Baby food Jar or two
2. Some None Toxic Paint
3. Google Eyes
4. Some colored cotton puffs
5. Glue
6. Construction Paper

First make sure your jars are clean and dry.  Figure out what you want to make your baby food jar into, and pick the color of paint you will need.  I'm going to tell you how to make the little Chicks.  Get some Yellow Paint and pour some into the Jar and hand it off to your kido and tell them to shake shake shake.  While they are shaking the jar to spread the paint all over the inside of the jar, you can start cutting out the beek for the chick and even little wings if you want to add them on.  You can glue the little google eyes onto the front of the jar and the little beek.  You can also glue on some yellow cotton puffs onto the top of the jar for a cute effect.  

You can make your baby food jars into just about anything for any holiday or into any kind of animals just for fun.  You can make them into santa for xmas, or bunnies and chicks for easter, or a turkey for thanksgiving or just farm animals and cats and dogs for fun.  Whatever animals your kids love, you can make your baby food jars into.  

These are fun things to make, but arn't a great idea for the kids to play with because they could drop them and they could break and someone could get hurt.  So make these as decorations and sit them on a shelf afterwards.

Untill Next Time
Keep Smiling and Keep the Kidos Happy and Healthy


Muthering Heights said...

I LOVE the snow globe idea!! I think my girls would love that!

Felicia said...

Wow! What great ideas!!!

Life Is A SandCastle said...

I'm loving your ideas.

Shannon said...

Those are some great ideas :) Thanks for sharing.