Saturday, May 9, 2009

Enjoy The Weather! Outside Craft Ideas For Fun In The Sun

My son loves to be outside and I have to say, i enjoy it too! :) And with the weather getting so nice, I went out and found some fun craft ideas that you can do with the kidos outside.

This first one is an outside or inside job!  Its called a Growing Magnet.  I just love this idea!  Makes a great gift for grammy or Mom!  

All you need is:
1. An empty Pill bottle or a see through film container
2. Cotton Balls
3. Fast Growing plant seeds(bean plans work great)
4. Strip of Magnet
5. Water

First make sure your pill bottle is clean and dry.  Attatch the magnet onto the side of the bottle.  You can either use the magnets that come with the sticky side, or you can use a hot glue gun and glue a hefty duty magnet on to the bottle.  You can also decorate the bottle, but don't over decorate it, you'll want to see how the roots spread in your bottle once your plant starts to grow.  Next you need to put a couple cotton balls in the bottle, and add a few drops of water, just enough to wet the cotton balls.  Now put in the seed of your choice.  Add one more cotton ball on top of the seed and add some water to that one too.  

You can now attatch it to the fridge or any other surface that it will stick to.  And in no time, you will have yourself a little plant sprouting up out of your pill bottle.  Its pretty cool to be able to see the roots of the plant through the side of the bottle too! :)  Once its pretty big, you can replant it in a pot or outside so it can grow bigger!  Once you have done that, you can start the process all over!  The kids will love this idea!  And you can give them as gifts to Grammy or even for Mom on Mothers Day!

This Next one is a great idea!  I don't know about you, but when i was little, i had a Pet Rock!  My Mom told me it would die and dissapear if i didn't take care of it, so i took care of it, and after about 5 or 6 months of making sure it was clean and sitting it at the dinner table with me and taking it outside, my mom desided I was ready for a real pet, and she got me a Guinea pig.  :) Some of you moms might want to try that with your kidos!  Always start out with a small pet!  

All you need is:
1. Rocks(send the kids out to find just the perfect Pet Rock Friend)
2. Non Toxic Paints and paint brushes
3. Glue
4. Google Eyes(or you can paint them on)
5. Yarn or Puff balls

I love the idea for the Pig Rock pet so thats the one i'm going to tell you guys how to make.  First you have to have that perfect Rock.  I find it works best if you use super glue to glue everything on, AFTER the paint dries.  Let the kidos go wild here.  Let them paint their rock however they want it.  So for the Pig, You paint the rock all pink and maybe a little bit of Red on the cheeks.  You can either paint the eyes on or you can just glue on some google eyes.  I think it works best to paint them on, that way you don't have a Dr. Mommy day when your kido comes running screaming saying their Pet Rock lost its eye and its dying!  Once all the paint is dry, Try glueing a painted pink button under the eyes for that perfect piggy nose.  You can also glue on some pink puffs on the top for ears.  

These little guys are adorable!!  Your kids can make them into any animal they want.  Cats, Dogs, birds, fish, whatever their little hearts desire.    

These arn't just for the kidos!  A friend of mine found a bunch of bigger rocks and painted them into different animals and bugs and put them all through her garden.  They look super cute and brighten up her garden big time.

You can always find something to have fun with, Inside or Outside.  So Enjoy the nice weather and have fun.

Untill Next Time
Keep Smiling and Keep The Kidos Happy And Healthy


Life Is A SandCastle said...

The ideas just keep getting better. I love the lady bugs.

Happy Mother's Day.

!!The Obnoxious SAHM!! said...

oh my goodness what great ideas! thanks!!! I am going to do the magnet plant. :)

Craftzilla said...

I have never seen the pill bottle plant idea before. I love it!