Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Best Gifts are Hand Made:Fathers Day Hand Crafted Gift Ideas

I think the best gifts from kids are the ones they make themselves and with a little help from mom of dad.   I know when i was a kid, My mom use to help me make my dad his fathers day gift and he loved them.  I think he still has them. :) He says they fill a special place in his heart.  :) I love my Dad! :) 

So just since father's day is coming up soon, i thought i would share some ideas of what Mom and the kidos can work on to make dads day a special one, filled with smiles and happiness.

This idea i think is great.  It isn't for the little kids, or the kids that have a habbit of putting things in their mouths. 

Make dad an awesome pair of home made Boxers!  These will make a great gift for Dad.

All you need is:
-A pair of light colored or white boxer shorts
-Fabric Paint or Fabric Markers

For the smaller kids, you might try the markers instead of the paints.  But either will work.  

Maybe on one side you could trace the kido's hands on them, or a foot or just let them get creative with the paint and markers.  And on the other side Put Nice and Big, WORLDS BEST DADDY! 

Dad is bound to love these and the kids will have a great time making them and giving them to dad for his gift.  

This next one is going to be a great and fun idea for any child.  We all know how disorganized Dads trunk is, so this is something the kids will have fun doing.  

All You Need Is:
-Cardboard Box

First thing you do is turn the kids loose on the box with the markers!  Let them decorate it however they want, to make it special for Dad.  Draw pictures of the family on it, or write WORLDS GREATEST DAD on it.    Then after your all done, the next step is for Mom to do.  You have to cut a hole on each side of the box, far enough down that it dosn't break from carrying it.  Then you tie a knot in the rope on one end and put it through the hole so the knot is on the inside of the box.  Then do the same thing for the other side.  And TADA  You have a Daddy Trunk Tote.

Ever Dad has atleast one paper weight on their desk, so this next one is to replace that boring paper weight with a cute one that will make him think about his kidos every time he looks at it.

All You need is:
-A Round Rock
-Non-Toxic Paint
-Google Eyes

First you have to paint the rock, maybe a pale pink or white color.  Once the paint is dry, you can get some yarn and cut it into small strands and glue it on for the hair.  Then glue on the Google Eyes and then paint on a mouth and other features you want on your little rock paper weight.  The kids can paint it to look like themselves or to look like Daddy!  It will make a perfect Fathers Day Gift!!

And another fun idea is something for Mommy and the Kidos to do together.  While daddy is getting ready for work or on his way to work, Log onto the computer and Send Dad a Fathers E-Card or write him an email that tells him how much you love him and how special he is, so he'll find it when he logs onto his email when he gets to work.  It is a sure thing to Brighten his day!  

These ideas will be fun and will have a lot of special meaning to the special Dad who recieves them.

Untill Next Time,
Keep Smiling and Keep The Kidos Happy and Healthy


Ann said...

Hi Terri,

I'm visiting from the site "Moms Helping Moms". I think your blog looks great!

deborah said...


Just wanted to thank you for the Father's Day gift idea of homemade boxers! Adorable.

I'll have my two boys create a pair.

Thanks so much...


Pink & Green Mama said...

We made boxers like this for daddy and grandpas this christmas -- they were a huge hit!!