Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Economy Sucks....Make some cash off your old Baby Stuff

So i finally realized, i have to do something, since i got fired for some stupid ass reasons from the job i had. So i thought about it and i desided, Its time to make the money, one way or the other. And since i'm not a hoe(lol) i desided that it was time to part with my sons old stuff. Clothes, toys, bed, diapers, formula. Anything we dont use anymore, time to give it a shot for another family in hard times. So far, in the last 2 weeks i have made over $300 getting rid of all my sons old things by posting them on Craigslist.com. That site is a life saver. Not only was i able to unload a storage unit full of baby/kids stuff, i was also able to get rid of all my old jeans and clothes that are like 5 sizes to big for me since i started loosing weight. You should all try it. I know we can all use the money. And think about it, how much baby and kid stuff do you have just laying around, taking up space in your house or apartment? How many baby clothes do you have stacked in the top of your kids closets? Go on ladies, Show your husband that just because your a stay at home mom dosn't mean you can't bring in some cash to the house. My hubby didn't even realize things were gone untill i said something. I got a huge Fire Truck shaped toddler bed for my son, and that thing TERRIFIED him to the point that he would be in tears. I had to get rid of it. it wasn't in 100% perfect shape, but a lady handed me $75 out the door for it. Heck Yah!! And the baby clothes, ohh my! I had so many that people just gave me that i didn't put on my son, or were too small or too big. I had box apon box of kids clothes. I so far have sold the 12-18 month clothes, a garbage bag full, for 30$ and the 5T bag full for $50, and the 0-6 Month for $35. Right there is $120! That will pay the electricity bill, pay for more diapers, buy new clothes for the kidos, whatever it may be. Its a great way to open up a can of "I CAN DO ANYTHING" to show everyone that you can do something.

When you look at the Economy, you can't help but become scared, and wonder what is this world going to come to. No more expensive designer clothes, no more dinning out, no more buying un-needed items. Its time to Buckle down ladies, Go ahead and go through all of your old stuff and sell it! Make someone else in this Crap Economy a little more happy, and a little easier on them too. They are living in the same economy we are.

And Not only did Craigslist.com help me make money, it saved me from constant trips to the Dr. with my son and my hubby! We found a kitty outside while taking out the trash, couldn't have been more than 7 or 8 weeks old, so we brought it inside. Bad Idea!! My son broke out in a rash, and my hubby started sneezing and scratching everywhere. I put the little fella up on Craigslist.com just asking for someone to take him into their home and love him, and i had so many responses. I found little "Stitch"(my son named him) a perfect home with a few other kitty friends. He was out of the house within 24 hrs.

And don't forget ladies, anything you can't unload on there, you can always donate to someplace and they will give you a recipt that says you can deduct it when you do your taxes. All well and good there.

The next post will be about money saving ideas for the home and kidos! A way to save some money and have some fun!
Untill Next Time, Keep Smiling and Keep the kidos happy and healthy

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