Friday, February 20, 2009

Toy Reviews

So today is going to start off on a good note! TOY REVIEWS!!! :) We all know we enjoy our kids toys just as much as they do. But i'm going to go ahead and review a few of the newest ones out there and the fun stuff. All the items below are from Learning Express Toys! Their site is great! So many educational and Fun toys. Something for everyone.

This little Lovie Blanket Giraffe is just adorable! My son has on that is a Teddy Bear and sleeps with it every night. Its perfect for dragging through the dirt, and up and down the steps! This is made of all organic material so its safe no matter what. No chemical treatments and its naturally colored. Only $14.99 Momma's! That scores and A+ in my Book!


My son loves anything that you has lots of peices and its a plus if theres a container to put them all in. He absoultly loves this Counting Cookies Jar. There are 10 cookies numbered 1-10 and each cookie has the number on the bottom. The cookie also has the number of candy peices on the top as well. This is great for your little ones that are at the age to start counting things. My son isn't at the age to count things yet but he sure does love putting the cookies back in the cookie jar. And for $16.99.....How can you resist??

Fun Times with a Little Treat

This one is absoultly the best thing ever. Family life Saver in my house. Its called the Sleep Sheep. It is an adorable little sleeping sheep that attatches to the side of your childs bed. Safely tucked away inside this little fuzzy guy is a sound box that projects nature sounds and a mommy's heart beat. This will put the entire family to sleep. I just Love it! Its the best $27.99 you will ever spend. Attatch this little baby to the side of the crib, or take it along when you are at Grammy's and choose from the 4 different sound settings, and TADA, like magic, your little one will be sound asleep and you will too!

So cute, and So Soothing

If you have been trying to teach your little one how to properly use his knife and fork at dinner, this one will help ya out! I just bought these for my son for Xmas, and they are great! They help with hand/eye cordination. They use the little wooden knife to cut apart all the foods. All the foods are split into sections and velcro holds them together and makes it easy for the little ones to chop away at them. My son loves to cut the food apart and share with everyone. The foods are made out of solid wood and are painted with non-toxic paints. Your little one will love the sounds they hear when they chop chop apart his vegies! And another plus, it comes in a little case with a see through top, so storage is easy!

Yum Yum

Keep Your Eyes peeled for more Toy Reviews and all kinds of fun stuff for the Mommy and Daddy's Living on the Edge and Experimenting with all the Fun stuff!

Untill Next Time

Keep Smiling and keep the Kidos Happy and Healthy

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