Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Go Green! Arts and Crafts

Everyone is always falling victim to those cute little chia pets for $14.99. I know they are adorable, and every kid wants the one shapped like an animal, but you don't have to spend that crazy price for them You and your kids can make your own at home, for atleast half the price and more fun.

For this Project, you will need:
-The foot of a stocking or nylon sock
-A rubber band or elastic band
-Saw Dust
-Grass Seeds
-An old yogurt cup or Snack pack Cup
-Google Eyes, Strings, Ribbons, Markers, Paints(items for the decoration of your cup)

Now this is where the fun begins. You let the kido's decorate their cups.
Fill the Toe area of your stocking or sock with the grass seed and then top it off with the saw dust and tie it off at the bottom with the rubber band or elastic band.
Place it in the cup with the grass seeds up. Your kids can add google eyes or whatever they want to the top of the sock/stocking.
Keep your cup full of water to get your grass to start growing. And in a week or two, Your kids will be excited to see that their home made Critters will start to grow green hairs! :)

You can also use some of your favorite Herbs as the hair too moms! Makes for great additives to your special dinner dishes.

At Home Chia Pets

You can always make fun arts and crafts while Recycling. For most of you Dads out there, you have your beer bottle lids laying all around in the Garage. Dosn't just toss them in the trash, save them for some fun times with the kids. They can make adorable arts and crafts with a lot of things you can recycle. One thing i came across on was the Bottle Cap Lady Bugs. They are adorable and can be a lot of fun and they are pretty easy to make too.

All you need is:
-Bottle Caps

-Red, Black and White Paint

-Paint Brushes

First you pain the entire bottle cap black. Let that dry and paint on the Red Wings leaving a black stripe between the two wings. After that dries Dip your paint brush tip into the black paint, and dot on the black dots on the wings. And with a toothpick or the tip of the paint brush, use the white paint to dot on the eyes of your lady bug.

These can be a never ending project. The kidos can give them to their friends, or attatch them onto their bookbags or add some cuteness to things around the house.

Lady Bug Bottle Cap

There are so many different ideas for crafts that will not only save you money but save the environment. The more green you are the more heathy the environment will be for your kidos down the line. And its always good to teach your kids how to recycle and how to reuse items when you can.

Untill next time

Keep Smiling and Keep the Kidos Happy and Healthy

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