Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Amazon Toy Review

So i was doing a search on the top toys for preschool age kids and google gave me Amazon.com and a list of the top like 20 toys! I found these talking fridge magnets. They look pretty awsome. You put the base on your Fridge, and the kidos can put each letter in the base and hear the sound it makes and also sing along with the alphabet song. The peices are chunky so that the little ones can grasp them, which in turn helps develope more fine motor skills. The base interacts with each letter, making the sound of the letter and playing a playful son to help remember the letters. I have to give this a 9 out of 10 on the Mommy List! I'll def. be picking this up for my son. Only $21.99

Fridge Phonics

One of my other favorites that they list in the top toys for Amazon is the Vtech Tote N' Go Laptop! My son just loves this. It has 30 interactive activities and is just like mommy and daddys computer! My son constantly wanted to play with my laptop, and after breaking one, i desided we should get him his own, and when we did,he was so excited. Now he sits content for atleast and hour. You Mommy's know what i mean, atleast enough time for a cup of coffee and a glance at the paper. This nifty little computer comes with the mouse, which can be used on the right or left handed kidos! When it flips shut, it has a handy little carry handle so they can tote it all over the place. Its a very durable toy, my son has steped on his, thrown it on the floor, beat it with other toys and its still kicking! Great deal.....$33.50

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