Thursday, September 30, 2010

Review: World Of Jenks

I have become addicted to a new show on MTV, World Of Jenks!  This show opens your eyes to the lives of others that you wouldn't see unless you spent time with them.  Andrew Jenks is a 24 yr old aspiring documentary filmmaker, and he goes and spends a week with young adults whos lives are different from the ordinary.

I was amazed by the episode where he spent a week with a 20 yr old Autistic boy named Chad.  I have a 4 yr old autistic son and i know how difficult it can be now, but after watching Andrew interact with Chad, I now know what i may have to handle as my son ages.  Andrew Jenks doesn't judge people, he sincerely wants to know what its like to be these people!  This show gives you a new outlook on things and shows you how others are!  This episode shows that no matter what the age, there is always programs to help.  Chad goes to a special school where he learns things he needs to know on a daily basis, like cleaning, calling 911 and counting money!  This episode was super eye opening to me.

Another episode that was pretty good was when Andrew spent a week with someone that is "Houseless".  Houseless is what Danielle, a 22 yr old girl who has been living on the streets for 9 years, calls being homeless!  When i hear homeless i think these people aren't eating and they have no place to sleep, but Danielle shows Andrew its not like that!  Its just that she doesn't have a home to go to every night.  She shows him how to panhandle, how to hitchhike and how she lives day to day.

This is an amazing new show.  If you haven't yet seen it, its on MTV on Monday Nights at 10pm.  I highly recommend this amazing show to everyone that wants to see life in the eyes of someone else.  I am looking forward to watching every episode that comes out for this show!  Completely Amazing!

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