Friday, March 20, 2009

Stay At Home Mom vs. Working Mom

Everyone has a different view on this topic. Stay at Home Mom or Working mom? I, myself am a stay at Home mom and a Working Mom! I work from home which makes my life pretty hecktic, but livable! I make the money i need plus i spend time with my son. My son is my life, and i'll do whatever i have to to make sure hes well taken care of since i'm the only one working to make that happen. My main job is MOM. I consider myself SUPER MOM! Because i not only bring in the money, i clean the house, do the laundry, make dinner every night, take my son to all his appts. give my son his bath and put him to bed every night and have fun doing it all. I may complain about how hard it is, and how i need a break, but you know what, i wouldn't change it for the world. Being a Mom is the best feeling in the world.

Here is a video that i found on IVillage about stay at home mom's and working mom's.

Not exactly what i thought i would hear! Being a Stay at home mom is a full time job. People think we just sit around playing with our kids toys and hanging out at the park all day, and as all of us Stay at home Mom's know, Its far from that! We have to keep the house clean, feed the kidos, take care of the kidos, do the laundry, take our kidos to dr.s appts. and the list goes on and on! Trade just one day of your Full Time Job for One Day of My MOM Job, and tell me its easy and i'll gladly tell you your full of crap! We don't get breaks, we don't get to leave the "Office" and we are lucky if we get to sit down for 5 minutes let alone have a nice comfy desk job.

Its not Easy being a stay at home mom and its not easy being a working mom but we do it, we do it all for our kids! And ladies, the next time someone says, ohh your job is so easy, being a stay at home mom, just reach over and smack the crap out of them and tell them, YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!!!
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Keep Smiling and keep the Kidos Happy and Healthy

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